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The Quirky Phuket - Phi-Phi Island

Friday, 19 June 2015

On the next day we went to the most overrated island of Thailand, Ko Phi Phi and its surroundings. We already booked a one day Phi Phi tour package by Sea Angel Cruise thru Mari Tour Island. This travel agent was recommended by a member of Backpacker Dunia on Facebook group. At first, we got 1800 BHT from Mari Tour Island, Egif bargained the price until 1100 BHT. We were picked up by the travel at 8 a.m and driven to Sea Angel Pier. There we have been offered free tea, coffee and biscuits while waiting for all the guests from other hotels to arrive. Oh, by the way we met so many Indonesians at the pier. It felt like we were going to Seribu Island instead of Phi Phi -.-“.

 A staff briefed us about the dangers on the beaches such as sea urchins, sharp rocks and we also got a warning about the exorbitant prices of food and drinks on Phi Phi island. He suggested us to wear flippers to avoid the sea urchins. For those who did not bring flippers, one could rent them at a modest rate of THB 100 a pair, as well as 2 loafs of toast to feed the fish and a pack of peanuts to feed the monkeys.

We had Jennifer as our guide for the day. A very spontaneous and friendly guide through the entire. She liked to flirt boys during our cruise. Our first stop was at Phi Phi Leh, filming location of the movie “The Beach”. It is also well known as Maya Bay. We were welcomed by a very large crowd of people crawling everywhere. Some of them went for a swim, the rest took pictures. I was a part of the rest. It was hard to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature in the middle of the crowd like in the picture below.

It’s unrealistic to expect the bay as quiet as in the movie. However, Maya Bay has answered my curiosity. Next destination was Monkey Beach, we could get off the boat to feed monkeys. Here as well we have been carefully instructed how to feed them to avoid being bitten. Thereafter, we were driven to a location where we could snorkel and for those who wanted to explore more, scuba diving equipment could be hired at a very modest rate of 1.500 BHT. There were several Pady instructors to take care of the guests. But for us, the snorkeling was quite sufficient and we could see a wide variety of fish. Too bad, we didn’t bring an underwater camera. Unfortunately almost all corrals have been destroyed during the Tsunami in 2004 and only very little new growth could be seen.

After snorkeling we were taken to a restaurant on the beach of Ko Phi Phi Don and a buffet lunch was served. Plenty of food, fruit and salad at a reasonable quality as much as we wanted to eat. From there the trip went on to Ko Khai. It was not so crowded and everyone could get a beach umbrella and two deckchairs for 150 BHT. It’s actually optional, you can pay for it or just sit on the sand eating fresh fruits and cold drinks served by Sea Angel crew. You can also go for a swim or snorkeling in this island. Too bad I was tired. I decided to walk around the island.

Besides its great natural white sand, it also has beautiful huge rocks. My legs got injured while stumbling upon Ko Khai. I slipped on the slippery rocks, blood was running down to my feet. Fortunately, the Sea Angel crew provided a first aid kit on the boat. The last leg back to Phuket was uneventful and we again were taken back to the Hotel in a Mini Bus. All in all we had a very pleasant and enjoyable day.

THB 1100  | Phi phi package

THB 100   | Fins

THB 80     | Ice Cream

THB 75     | Medicine

THB 100   | Motorbike

THB 10     | Mineral Water

Travel date: 27-29 May 2015

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