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The Quirky Phuket - Bangla Road

Friday, 19 June 2015

I have no idea how much I love Thailand since my first visit in the early 2013. The people with their beautiful soul and the spiritual atmosphere of Thailand make me want to visit Thailand again and again. I actually had a plan to visit Thailand on April 2014, a one way ticket had been purchased but I canceled my trip because there was another stuff to do. Since then, never crossed in my mind to visit Thailand this year until last month AirAsia offered a round way flight from Jakarta to Phuket only IDR 550K (exclude tax) including 3 days 2 nights accommodation. GOD BLESS TONI FERNANDES!

It’s hard to pick people to travel with when the promo is in the short sale period. Moreover if you plan to have a low budget trip, you have to consider the group’s dynamics. Thanks god I didn’t travel with the notorious-trip killers, so glad I went with this bunch!

From right to left : Dioma, Me, Frida, Egif

Besides a very cheap airfare, we also got a very friendly guesthouse in Patong. At first, Egif, the one who was responsible in booking the flight and hotel has booked Relax Guesthouse for our arrival on 22 May but he was having trouble processing the payment. He tried to reschedule to 27 May and changed the guest house to Connect Guesthouse without googling first. It turned out to be the highlight of the trip! 

After 2 hours and 50 minutes flying through clouds, we finally arrived at Phuket International Airport. There was no Airport Bus service  to Patong at evening, the latest service hour to Patong was at 5.30 pm. In this case we arrived at 7 pm. Fortunately, tickets for mini bus to Patong were for sale at THB 180 on the ground floor.  It was cheaper than taxi but more pricey than Airport Bus. They dropped us off in front of Connect Guest House.

When we got out of the car, a group of boys were staring and shouting at us. We were wondering what were they doing. We found the answer right at the front desk of our guest house. We just knew that our guest house is a gay hotel, all staff are gay, lots of gay magazine, gay photos on the walls, free condoms for everyone, and so on. This guest house is located in the biggest gay entertainment area of Phuket. Apart from that we had a nice room with one queen size bed, a bunk bed with AC and Fan. The bathroom was clean and had plenty of hot water. It is easy walking distance from the beach and the Jungceylon shopping complex, about 10 minutes to the beach and 5 minutes to shopping. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this guest house to budget travelers or any other travelers as well.

Our first destination was the sexy yet exciting Bangla Road. The crowds along Bangla at that night reminded me of  Kuta though it was raunchier than Kuta. The music from each bar blended into a deafening mess of sound while pole dancers were busy dancing on a vertical burlesque pole. Street performance, leaflet distributors, pingpong show touts and the brassy transgender who display their “assets” for a price are common things on Bangla Road.

If you are a party-goer seeking for a rowdy nightlife, Bangla is the place to be.

IDR 601.031   | Flight ticket (round way) + extra charges + Airport tax

THB 180         | Mini Bus from Airport – Patong

THB 25           | TOP UP 100 BHT for 3 days unlimited internet

THB 40           | Dinner

Pic credits: Egif & Frida

Travel date: 27-29 May 2015

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