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Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Last week, I packed some clothes and have a short trip alone to Bandung by train. Why Bandung? because I am so desperately in love with Jajaka Bandung (Bandung boys) . No, joking. Literally joking. I went to Bandung because of the man in the picture below.

Yes, he is Sondre Lerche. He is one of my favorite artists. I know it's not his first show in Indonesia, some of you might have seen him at Java Jazz Festival 2011 or at Dynamic Soundshine 2007. At that moment God has not allowed me to watch his performance yet. Finally, one of my dreams came true last week. I watched Sondre Lerche at Kampoeng Jazz 2013. I really miss being in the middle of the crowd, watching my favorite artists, and singing their songs together with strangers around me. Moreover, it's Sondre Lerche. MAN! I've waited for too long to watch his live performance. 

Actually, I wasn't watching alone. Adit and Aji accompanied me. Adit came along from Jakarta to Bandung just to meet me. Aji is currently studying in Bandung, he provided me the accommodation during my stay there. The things that I love from them is they bought the tickets to accompany me watching my favorite artist, even though they don't know Sondre songs. Hahaha. Sudden reunion happened at that time, I met some of my senior, junior high school, and elementary school friends. 

Besides watching Sondre at Kampoeng Jazz, I also had a little city tour with my AIESEC Bandung friends Eja, Micky, and Oktian. They brought me to some delicious food places that I have never been to. I came back to Malang on Sunday evening by train and arrived on Monday morning. It took 18 hours journey from Bandung to Malang, without any break after arriving in Malang I went to my campus to attend a class. What a sweet escape!

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