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The Hidden Serenity: Goa Cina Beach

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

I’ve been living in Malang since 2011 but I never been to Sempu Island, the famous island in South Malang. I often heard about that island, many people said Sempu is really beautiful, a good place to spend your holiday, and the unique thing about Sempu is its lake, Segara Anakan. Segara Anakan is a lake surrounded by the reef and you could see the vast Hindia Ocean from its cliff. Those statements make me so curious to visit Sempu. Fortunately, last week I had several days off and to kill my boredom I went to Sempu with some of my friends. Oh! Satrio also joined us. YAY! I was terribly happy. We went there by car, passed uphill winding roads. Finally reaching Sendang Biru Beach in approximately 2 hours. Sendang Biru Beach is the entrance to Sempu Island. We rented boat for Rp 100.000 to and from Sempu. Too bad we couldn’t make it to Segara Anakan because it’s raining for the last three days. The soil was full of mud plus we didn’t prepare enough. So then, we just played at Sempu Beach.

I have been dreaming to see Segara Anakan since I read an article about Sempu on Travelounge. When the chance came, I couldn’t make it. What a bad luck. I was disappointed. After going back from Sempu we went to another beach. This beach is not far from Sendang Biru, we arrived there in about 20 minutes. We had to pay Rp. 30.000 (Rp. 4.000/person) before entering the beach. After parked the car then we walked across the bush for about 10 minutes and voila!

Clear water, white sand, and corals were everywhere here in Goa Cina Beach. The beach was clean, literary clean. Free from trashes. We were taking pictures, swimming, sitting on the corals, running with bare foot, eating snack, and laughing. So much fun. We felt like in our private beach. Yes. There were only us there. Not many people know this beach. No wonder if the beach is still virgin :p


There’s no hotel near the beach so if you want to stay for a night or more you can pitch a tent, of course you need to visit security post before camping. It’s strongly recommended to bring a lot of snacks or maybe homemade food because there’s only one food stall. Last but not least be careful with the coral because it can hurt your bare foot easily.

So last year

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

One and a half year ago my grandma gave me a rangefinder, Ricoh 500G. I thought it didn't work anymore until I scanned the film and TARAAA!

I'm so surprised with the results, quite good. So in love with the tone :>
Gonna explore it more, wait for the next result!

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