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What a Nice and Fun (Vampire) Weekend

Sunday, 31 October 2010

Last week was a week of almost sleepless nights! Mid semester exam period have stolen my sleep time. It started with Physics, Religion, History on Monday and ended with Math, German, Basic Math on Friday. I struggled to understand with all the materials for exams until my brain went numb. Huhuhu. Then in the end of the weekend I watched Vampire Weekend. Say what say what? YAY YAY YAY! I watched them with Ai, Indi, and Denisha's cousin at Bengkel Night Park. Started with Monkey to Millionaire's performance as the opening act band, before watching Vampire Weekend we had to wait for check sound. The crowd were getting annoyed during the check sound, it took 30 minutes even more. Hmmm the longest check sound I've ever seen.

(Me and Indi)

Ezra, Baio, Rostam, and CT came from the backstage, played 'Holiday' for the opening song. We sang, we jumped, we clapped, we screamed, we danced together song by song. I could see them clearly from my row. Well, I bet you wouldn't resist them if you watched their live performance especially for the girls because Ezra's gesture was definitely cute ;)
They played almost all of their songs from two albums. I took some photos and recorded them when they played 'Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa' after that my camera battery suddenly drained to zero. Overall the show went very fun, I could feel the euphoria of the crowd.

By the way here's the setlist:

Source: @hasief

It was the good way to end the weekend. Vampire Weekend really made my weekend. Thanks to Trilogy Live for bringing them here!

P.S : Sorry for the bad quality, because I used my old digicam

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