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What a Nice and Fun (Vampire) Weekend

Sunday, 31 October 2010

Last week was a week of almost sleepless nights! Mid semester exam period have stolen my sleep time. It started with Physics, Religion, History on Monday and ended with Math, German, Basic Math on Friday. I struggled to understand with all the materials for exams until my brain went numb. Huhuhu. Then in the end of the weekend I watched Vampire Weekend. Say what say what? YAY YAY YAY! I watched them with Ai, Indi, and Denisha's cousin at Bengkel Night Park. Started with Monkey to Millionaire's performance as the opening act band, before watching Vampire Weekend we had to wait for check sound. The crowd were getting annoyed during the check sound, it took 30 minutes even more. Hmmm the longest check sound I've ever seen.

(Me and Indi)

Ezra, Baio, Rostam, and CT came from the backstage, played 'Holiday' for the opening song. We sang, we jumped, we clapped, we screamed, we danced together song by song. I could see them clearly from my row. Well, I bet you wouldn't resist them if you watched their live performance especially for the girls because Ezra's gesture was definitely cute ;)
They played almost all of their songs from two albums. I took some photos and recorded them when they played 'Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa' after that my camera battery suddenly drained to zero. Overall the show went very fun, I could feel the euphoria of the crowd.

By the way here's the setlist:

Source: @hasief

It was the good way to end the weekend. Vampire Weekend really made my weekend. Thanks to Trilogy Live for bringing them here!

P.S : Sorry for the bad quality, because I used my old digicam

Don't regret, enjoy your life

Sunday, 5 September 2010

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Some people wish they could change the past, turn back the time, and fix what they messed up.
It's hard to accept but you can't change the past. You can't go back and manipulate things to the way you wanted them to happen. Something good comes from your mistakes, though it hurts. Face it and appreciate your mistakes for what they are. Things happen to teach you something, learn from it and keep looking forward! Never regret anything because these are the good old days you're going to miss in the years ahead. If you regret, you just waste your time ;)

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

lovers keep their secrets
baby, I'm not sure if this is love
and love can make us greedy
baby I don't think that's for us
it's not for me to be

lovers keep their distance
maybe they don't like what they see
and love can make us jealous
baby there's no right for me to be
it's not for me to see

if we give in
maybe we'll be like them
I don't want the sadness
to be ours too
baby there's no pressure
on you

lovers keep their secrets
baby, I'm not sure if this is love
and love can make us greedy
baby I don't think that's for us
it's not for me to be

if we give in
maybe we'll be like them
I don't want the sadness
to be ours too
baby there's no pressure
on you

lovers keep their secrets
baby, I'm not sure if this is love

June Atmosphere

Thursday, 17 June 2010

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The weather has been nice lately, chilly! It's kind of cold but not freezing always tempting me to stay on my bed, hide under my blanket all day long.


Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Life seems too short but it seems too long when you look back at your past

Amazing Night with Kings of Convenience and Jens Lekman

Monday, 29 March 2010

Last night was surprisingly amazing! I watched Kings of Convenience and Jens Lekman sang in front of me at Ritz Carlton Ballroom Jakarta. They performed at the same place and the same event called Soundsations. I watched them with Denisha and friends. Jens sang all his songs with his guitar, yeah acoustic he didn't bring his band. ''You are my band tonight, so I want you sing along with me tonight" said Jens to the audience. Jens only brought one friend to play percussion. I forgot how many songs that Jens played, maybe about ten. The first song was Sipping on The Sweet Nectar. After he played 4 or 5 songs then finally he played my favorite song A Postcard To Nina, but sadly it didn't sound good like the original version :(

Jens was so funny last night, especially when he asked the audience to dance "let's dance. jangan malu-malu" yes he spoke in Bahasa. He could speak in Bahasa because he already wrote the words on his hand hahaha he cheated. Almost 1 hour Jens entertained us and now it's time for ... (drum roll) Kings of Convenience! woohoo :D

The audience screamed loudly. I was speechless when I saw Erlend Øye and Eirik Glambek Bøe standing on the stage in other words I saw them live in front of me AAAAAAA. Erlend close his ears with hands because we screamed very loud. "You are the loudest crowd." said Eirik. "And the most beautiful crowd." continued Erlend. Then the audience clapped their hands. We were sad when we knew that Eirik was sick. He said like this "I spent all day long in my bed with fever" uuuu :(

They played the guitar and sang 24-25, our first song wihiii. Almost all of the audience have known the lyrics so we sang along 14 songs, here is the setlist:
Me In You
I Don't Know What I Can Save You From
Singing Softly to Me
The Girl From Back Then
Cayman Islands
Second to Numb
Mrs Cold
Peacetime Resistance
Boat Behind
I'd Rather Dance With You
The show went very good, they were so attractive, entertained us very well though Eirik was sick. In the middle of the concert Erlend said this “Kings of Convenience love Indonesia”. We were glad to hear that words came out from your mouth, Erlend :D

Eirik was calm than Erlend, maybe because he was sick. Erlend made us laugh along the concert until they sang “I’d rather dance with you” they jammed with drummer and bassist of White Shoes & The Couples Company after that they went to the backstage, we screamed "WE WANT MORE!" as loud as possible. Erlend came alone to the stage, he played his guitar without Eirik beside him. Guess what did he sing? HE SANG A SONG IN BAHASA! He sang Bersandar, a song of White Shoes and The Couples Company. We never heard he sang the song with Bahasa lyrics, right? In this concert he did it hihihi :p
Eirik came again to sing the last song, homesick. They waved their hands to say goodbye “see you next time!” said Erlend. They both smiled and left the stage.

Kings of Convenience really made my night, their performance was absolutely awesome. They played the guitar and sang song by song beautifully. Too bad we didn’t get any permission to bring camera. huhuhu. I really enjoyed their performance, I think this is the best concert I ever watched. See you next time KoC and get well soon Eirik. Please visit Indonesia again! We love you <3

Thursday, 28 January 2010

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I'm not crazy,
I'm sure I ain't done nothing wrong
I'm just waiting
'Cause I heard this feeling won't last that long

never ever - all saints

My top 5 resolutions

Friday, 1 January 2010

Last year I made some resolutions and I've fulfilled all of them. So I think I should make some resolutions for 2010. Here they are my top 5 resolutions for 2010 ...
  1. Work hard
  2. Success with all my projects
  3. Get a new boyfriend
  4. Try to stop being too picky
  5. Learn to think deeper and maturely
I hope I can fulfill my resolutions :D :D :D

Happy new year everyone! I hope 2010 will bring us a lot of joy, happiness, and love. Amen!

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