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Sunday, 15 November 2009

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I've been thinking about my future, lately. It's such a pleasure talking and thinking about it with friends or family, right? When I was about five I wanted to be a dentist, to be an architect, and then to be a diplomat. It's easy to be into something when I was a kid, but now I'm a teenager but I don't know what I want to be. Pathetic!

I'm still having two more years in senior high school then get into college. Oh gosh! 2 years go by so fast but I just have a little college preparation. Well, in other words I AM NOT READY YET TO GET INTO COLLEGE! Confuse to choose the university and the major. My mom said that I don't have to worry about it (too much), do what I like to do.

Do what I like to do eh? I like photography so much. I'm in love with everything about photography but somehow I don't want to make my hobby as my main job in the future. So I want to take a major which doesn't have anything to do with photography. I'm thinking of taking engineering major such as industrial, mechanical, or electrical, but I wonder can engineers easily get jobs after their bachelors, especially in Indonesia? Here in Indonesia the job market for engineers is not good enough, hmm I have to think about major plan again. How about the university? I want to get into a public university which is not in Jakarta. I don't know, maybe Jogja or Bandung.

Basically, I love a job that required me to travel not to sit behind the desk all day long, it would be very boring. The important things is I enjoy my job and the job earns enough money for me, doesn't to have to worry about finances too much. I wish to become a successful woman in the future and have a happy family. PERFECT! hahaha.

I know there is nothing so easy but we can build what we can imagine because what we imagine has a way of deeply influencing us.

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MidniteMadness said...

I know what exactly what you mean, I love photography and dont want to make it "work" and the whole not being ready for college and wanting a career that has a steady income...well im in the same boat with yah...but ive always been told "the things in life worth having, are the ones you have to work hards toward"...hang in there and you'll build your dreams into a reality.

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