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Future Dreams

Sunday, 15 November 2009

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I've been thinking about my future, lately. It's such a pleasure talking and thinking about it with friends or family, right? When I was about five I wanted to be a dentist, to be an architect, and then to be a diplomat. It's easy to be into something when I was a kid, but now I'm a teenager but I don't know what I want to be. Pathetic!

I'm still having two more years in senior high school then get into college. Oh gosh! 2 years go by so fast but I just have a little college preparation. Well, in other words I AM NOT READY YET TO GET INTO COLLEGE! Confuse to choose the university and the major. My mom said that I don't have to worry about it (too much), do what I like to do.

Do what I like to do eh? I like photography so much. I'm in love with everything about photography but somehow I don't want to make my hobby as my main job in the future. So I want to take a major which doesn't have anything to do with photography. I'm thinking of taking engineering major such as industrial, mechanical, or electrical, but I wonder can engineers easily get jobs after their bachelors, especially in Indonesia? Here in Indonesia the job market for engineers is not good enough, hmm I have to think about major plan again. How about the university? I want to get into a public university which is not in Jakarta. I don't know, maybe Jogja or Bandung.

Basically, I love a job that required me to travel not to sit behind the desk all day long, it would be very boring. The important things is I enjoy my job and the job earns enough money for me, doesn't to have to worry about finances too much. I wish to become a successful woman in the future and have a happy family. PERFECT! hahaha.

I know there is nothing so easy but we can build what we can imagine because what we imagine has a way of deeply influencing us.

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