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Gloomy september

Monday, 14 September 2009

Too many things happened in September. From good to bad. Very bad. The last is about my lovelife. It went good in the start but very bad in the end. I've been close with someone for several weeks. He was kind and he treated me very well but I paid less attention and too careless with my feeling to him at that time. Until I know he found the new one, the one who pays more attention to him. Now he's already with that girl. HAAAAAA! I'm very jealous. How can I jealous with that girl? Do I love him? eh? yeaaaah maybe it's true. It's too late to realize that, nothing else I can do. eerrm '~'

I think it's good for me even though it hurts so bad
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*may you happy with your girl :')

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