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Behind The Scene Kamar Gelap-ERK

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

This month my classmate and I have a project to make amateur video clip of Indonesia indie band, Efek Rumah Kaca from their album Kamar Gelap. This project is our cinematography assignment and it belongs to all 11th grade class. Each class divided into 2 groups. I'm in group one. We choose to make video clip of Kamar Gelap (same title with the album title).

Friday, 14th August 2009

It was a time to decorate and photo session with our talent Jasmine Khairiah.


A girl who wears cyan, green, or turquoise t-shirt (oh whatever its color) and black short pants is Andri. She is our creative director. We decorated a bedroom in her grandma's house. The decoration idea mostly came out from her brain.


Sunday, 16 August 2009


Jasmine did make up first with Arum and changed her cloth then we were ready to start shooting

All crew standby, camera rolling, and action!


It started at 11:00 o'clock and finished shooting at 14:00 o'clock.
We took many shots so that the editor has a lot to choose from when they are going to edit the shots. Everything is done and I'm sure that the clip will be good :D


We're a great team. We had a lot of fun and learned new things about cinematography. It's been a pleasure work with you guys, hopefully next time we will go better than this one.


jellypilotot said...

wih asoi
ini dibuat emang untuk ERK ??
asik banget

Alanna Alia Hannantyas said...

buat kompetisi video clip ERK dari album kamar gelap. hehehe

Nidie Cara Andira Putri said...

Wah I love your picts!

Alanna Alia Hannantyas said...

I'm glad you like my pictures :)

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