Lost in Translation?

Saturday Afternoon

Sunday, 17 May 2009

Yesterday I went to Old City again. Oh yes I've been there twice this week. hahaha. I had a session with Leander and friends. I wasn't in the mood to take many photos, so after taking some photo Iman, Oddy and I decided to go home earlier than the others. I went home by Oddy's car. Formerly, he wanted to drop me at busway stop, he said my house is too far from his house (he lives in Bekasi). Well, I agreed. On the way to the busway stop he called his mom and I didn't know what did his mom say but he answered like this 'Oh ok Gramedia PIM' and then I yelling 'Dyyyy my house is near from PIM, accompany me to my house. yayayaya?'
he replied 'Aaah you lie' I shook my head 'No, I swear' then he smiled at me and nodded his head 'But I don't know where is your house'. I said 'I'll direct you'

On the way to my house I played with his camera Nikon D90 and fisheye lense on it. I really like the results of his camera (picture above). I want the lens but its price is sooo expensive I'm afraid to ask my dad to buy me this lens.

Finally I arrived at home at 4.35 pm. Thank you very much Oddy :D

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