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My Top 10 Bad Habits

Friday, 22 May 2009

I've got this award from Risya

1. First, make a top 10 list of the bad habits that you dislike.
2. Second, list the reasons why you dislike those bad habits as mentioned in point 1.
3. Thirdly, tagged 10 other bloggers.

Well let's do it


1. Careless.

Yes, I'm so careless. Carelessly to put my valuable things such as handphone, money, camera, and many more hahaha. My mom always angry when I do that.

2. Short term memory.

Hard for me to memorize subjects, lyrics and way to go somewhere although I have visited before. It takes a long time and I need a way to memorize all in a short time but remember it for a long time.

3. I'm losing my feeling easily

I can be very kind to you but I can be so annoying or even I will hate you forever if I think you do something unpleasant to me even though you didn't do that on a purpose.

4. I drink a few water

Oh I really must change this bad habit. Usually I just drink 3-4 glasses of water a day. I'm scared of getting a kidney failure :(

5. Phobia with snake

I think I've been phobia with snake since I was a kid. I disgusted with its skin, its eyes and its tongue. errr. I scream as loud as possible every time I see it on television, magazine, or maybe when the snake in front of me (of course I will scream and ruuuun). I can't sleep after seeing the snake.

6. Insomnia

Lately I just can sleep after 3 a.m and wake up at 5 a.m feel dizzy after that. I can't concentration in class. Ugh I want to sleep normally.

7. I like sleeping in class

Because I have a sleep problem (Insomnia) so sometimes I sleep in class for about 15 minutes until yeah 25 minutes. hehehe

8. Traumatic

Stuck in suck memories and move on is the hardest part to do.

9. A bad speaker

I feel like a robot every time I speak with the others in a conversation (especially when I speak English). Sometimes I forget what the words that I want to say, hmm it goes like this 'Yes sir, the movie is great because emmm the sutradara eh err apa namanya itu hmm oh the director directs it with emm alur cerita yang bagus bahasa inggrisnya apa Pak? yaa that's why I like that movie' oh yes mixed language and mess words -__-

10. Postpone my assignments and homeworks until the deadline

What a lazy student I am, but I think not only me but you have the same habit like this hahaha don't you? I wanna start to try to do all my assignments and homeworks before the deadline and do it by myself. I swear :D

Those 10 bad habits that I have, what about you guys?
I want to know the top 10 bad habits of

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