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Introducing My Sister

Saturday, 2 May 2009

Full Name: Afifah Cahyaning Hannandita
Nickname: Afi, Nyenye, Mucil, Nyuti
Birthday: March 5, 2002
Height: 125 (maybe)
Weight: 23,4 kg

She likes drawing, playing NDS, watching cartoon, screaming, and acting like a model in front of camera. She loves art. She has many imagination.
She always makes me laughing but sometimes she is so annoying when she's getting stingy .

She is so curious about everything around her, especially for game platforms. She collects many game platforms such as Game Boy, PSP, and NDS. What a digital kid. hahaha.

She has any obsession to be a SUPERSTAR. Well it's better than her dream when she was 3 years old. Want to know what was her dream? She wanted to be a SECURITY! ahiahaha.

She likes to stay at home than play outside like what she did today. She was doing many stupid things with me. hahaha. Taking many pictures. Today she was my model but I wish she could be my model in the future too. hihihi


jellypilotot said...

wahaaaa ade lo lucu

Alanna Alia Hannantyas said...

wakakak, itu gue sering asal manggil, kalo lagi kesel gue panggil nyenye

adalahsaya said...

nye nye nyenyenye nyeeee...
foto terakhir bagus tuh!!!


DindaFathoni said...

aaaaaa she's totally cute! gemes banget deh

Alanna Alia Hannantyas said...

hahaha nyenye, sebenernya masih banyak des fotonya tapi gue males nge-resize

Alanna Alia Hannantyas said...

makasih Din hihihi

adalahsaya said...

hueheheh, yang ini aja bagus kok!!!

gua suka tuh!!!!


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