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Thursday, 16 April 2009

Today I spent my spare times with my sister Afi and it was fun. We were taking some photos, laughing, and playing together. Well maybe next week we'll take more photos hehe because I have more spare times. Next week will be a National Exams for all students who are in grade 12, How about grade 11 and grade 10? They must study at their own home. No, there's no holiday. They have many things (homeworks and assignments)to do during the holiday, ups I mean during study at home. hehehehe. Hmm because I'm one of those grade 10 students let's see what homeworks and assignments that I have:

English (homework)
Chemistry (assignment)
Physics (assignment)
Biology (homework)
Indonesian (homework)

Okay, 3 homeworks and 2 assignments. Cool! hahaha.

For all grade 12 student I wanna say Good Luck for the National Exams, wish you get perfect scores. Amien.

See ya


jellypilotot said...


jadi pgn punya adek
bisa toyor2an
dirumah sendiri aja

Alanna said...

wah anak tunggal ya hehehe. enak loh punya adek, bisa diajak gila-gilaan bareng ya walaupun jarak gue sama adek gue lumayan jauh. hahaha.

jellypilotot said...

kaga...kaka gua udah kawin
sama istrinya dah

Alanna said...

owalaah, gua kira anak tunggal hahaha.

Shasha Athira said...

cuteness overloaded!

adalahsaya said...


Alanna Alia Hannantyas said...

hahaha iye dah, lagi gue training nih des

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