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Session at Manggarai Station

Monday, 20 April 2009

Last Sunday I went to Manggarai Station, Herzy picked me up at 8 AM. We went there by his motorcycle. Arrived at 8.45 AM. We met the others at the entrace.
So what did we do there? we had a photo session with a beautiful model who looks alike Acha Septriasa. Here she is

Model: Ferra Meilissa Firmansyah

and here we are the amateur photographers


Alanna, Buke, Dadi, Dery, Herzy, Iky, Iman, Leander, Mayang, Narindha, Nathalia, Reza, Wika, Yusa.

Manggarai Station is one of the best place for photo session, but you have to ask a permission first to stationmaster and freeman. Prepare some money to pay for rent the spot. Be ware of the freeman, mind your own precious things such as handphone, wallet, camera, and etc. Have a nice session friends :D :D :D

PS: Join a photography community is so much fun, you can learn many things about photography that you never ever got from your teachers and your parents :):)


jellypilotot said...

Join a photography community is so much fun!!

i agree!

Adani Nurimanina said...

How can I be a member of your photography community? Me want to!!! :D


Alanna said...

just contact my facebook Dan :)

Shasha Athira said...

Cool darling.

Alanna Alia Hannantyas said...

thank you sasha :)

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