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Java Jazz Festival 2009 - Jason Mraz

Sunday, 8 March 2009

So yesterday was the first day of Axis International Java Jazz Festival or we called it JJF. I arrived there at 4 pm. I was surprising when my deviantart friend, Idham Rahmanarto stood in front of me. We both were speechless. Then he offered me a magazine with 3 daily schedules. Yes, he was a volunteer, worked in marchandise division. Hahaha. I didn't think too long to buy that magazine. I bought that magazine and had a short conversation with him before going to enter the building.

I watched Jason Mraz's concert with Okky, Mala, and Hanna. Jason Mraz was AWESOME, he was a kind guy, cheerful, and funny. He sang attractively at the concert yesterday. He had beautiful voice, high class performance, and he sang along with the audience at that night. WOW AMAZING! He spread some polaroids to the audience but unfortunately i didn't get one of them :(


Okky combined my camera and his friend's tamron macro lens (70 mm-300 mm) + flash. (Oh Okky you were a very kind guy i ever found :D:D:D)

Hmm but even though I used that lens i still didn't get good photographs. In fact I'm not tall enough and I must walk on tiptoe to photographed Mraz in crowded situation. That made my calf and my hand stiff. But overall I really enjoyed Mraz's performance. He entartained the audience very well :D


chrez said...

haha enak banget ketemu dA lo kak..

Alanna said...

huahaha yoiyoi. keren parah dia jumat malem kemarin. aaa mau nonton lagi.

Bintang Lestada said...

lo jahat lannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn gue juga mau bok

Alanna said...

makanya nabung dong atau nggak jadi volunteer bisa gratis nontonnya, tapi konsekuensinya pulang jam 3 pagi hahaha

lola said...

luuuuuvvveee it..

Alanna said...

so do i

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