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Happy sweet 17th birthday Alanna

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

I'm not 16 years old anymore, I'm 17 years old now :)

Future Dreams

Sunday, 15 November 2009

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I've been thinking about my future, lately. It's such a pleasure talking and thinking about it with friends or family, right? When I was about five I wanted to be a dentist, to be an architect, and then to be a diplomat. It's easy to be into something when I was a kid, but now I'm a teenager but I don't know what I want to be. Pathetic!

I'm still having two more years in senior high school then get into college. Oh gosh! 2 years go by so fast but I just have a little college preparation. Well, in other words I AM NOT READY YET TO GET INTO COLLEGE! Confuse to choose the university and the major. My mom said that I don't have to worry about it (too much), do what I like to do.

Do what I like to do eh? I like photography so much. I'm in love with everything about photography but somehow I don't want to make my hobby as my main job in the future. So I want to take a major which doesn't have anything to do with photography. I'm thinking of taking engineering major such as industrial, mechanical, or electrical, but I wonder can engineers easily get jobs after their bachelors, especially in Indonesia? Here in Indonesia the job market for engineers is not good enough, hmm I have to think about major plan again. How about the university? I want to get into a public university which is not in Jakarta. I don't know, maybe Jogja or Bandung.

Basically, I love a job that required me to travel not to sit behind the desk all day long, it would be very boring. The important things is I enjoy my job and the job earns enough money for me, doesn't to have to worry about finances too much. I wish to become a successful woman in the future and have a happy family. PERFECT! hahaha.

I know there is nothing so easy but we can build what we can imagine because what we imagine has a way of deeply influencing us.

Gue punya DSLR = Gue anak gaul

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Beberapa hari yang lalu gue nulis ini di jurnal deviantart gue, karena responnya cukup banyak dan ada beragam pendapat jadi gue berpikir untuk me-repost nya. Sekedar mau tau aja pendapat kalian gimana soal masalah ini.

"Kalian ngerasa nggak kalau banyak yang suka fotografi, terutama yang punya DSLR cuma buat gaya-gayaan doang? Kebanyakan sih yang kayak gitu anak-anak seumuran gue. Nih ya gue sering ngeliat anak-anak seumuran gue alias ABG berkeliaran di pusat perbelanjaan dengan mengalungi DSLR, dengan begitu mereka merasa diri mereka keren, gaul, trendy, dan blablabla. Ok jadi mereka beli DSLR untuk GENGSI semata. Tapi kalau mereka ditanya tentang fotografi mereka nggak bisa jawab apa-apa, maaf kalau boleh dibilang kemampuan anak-anak yang kayak gitu NOL BESAR. Bukanya sombong tapi itu kenyataan yang gue liat. Menurut kalian gimana? Eneg nggak sih ngeliat ABG ABG yang kayak gitu?"

Banyak loh anak muda di luar sana yang niat banget buat belajar fotografi, mereka manfaatin kamera seadanya bahkan ada juga yang minjem, kemampuan mereka juga nggak kalah sama yang pake DSLR. Mungkin buat sebagian orang harga sebuah DSLR itu murah, tapi bagi mereka (termasuk gue) DSLR itu bukan barang yang murah, sayang banget kalau barang mahal cuma dipake buat gaya-gayaan, pamer, dan jaga gengsi. Buang jauh-jauh deh pikiran lo kalau fotografi itu hobi anak-anak gaul, fotografi itu bisa bikin lo eksis, dan lain sebagainya. Kalau lo emang suka fotografi serius lah dalam bidang itu, jangan karena lagi ngetrend trus lo memaksakan diri lo jadi suka fotografi. Hal-hal yang sering bikin geregetan tuh yang kayak gini, lo punya DSLR tapi lo nggak tau cara makenya, buat lo DSLR itu cuma sebagai simbol kalau lo suka fotografi. Itu yang menyebabkan timbulnya kecemburuan sosial. Anak-anak yang make kamera seadanya itu pasti iri, geregetan, dan berpikiran 'LO TUH NGGAK PANTES PUNYA DSLR! kok lo bego banget sih punya DSLR tapi nggak bisa makenya, nggak bisa manfaatinnya? terus buat apa lo beli itu kalau toh nggak ada gunanya juga buat lo, mending kamera lo buat gue aja daripada mubazir.' Sayangkan kalau lo beli DSLR mahal-mahal cuma buat dipamerin doang?

Di sini gue cuma mau ngelurusin aja persepsi ABG soal fotografi. Fotografi itu bukan buat gaya-gayaan. Maaf kalau postingan ini agak frontal, tapi sekedar untuk masukan sekaligus sindiran biar mereka yang punya sifat kayak gitu bisa berubah :)

Imaginary Friend

Saturday, 10 October 2009

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Wish I still had my imaginary friend

Talent: Afifah Cahyaning Hannandita (my sister)
*do not use my photoworks without my permission

I have no destination

Thursday, 24 September 2009

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nowhere to go, and no way to go.
my life is getting more boring everyday.
I'm missing school so bad.

Watch and Vote

Friday, 18 September 2009

Hey fellas! now you can watch and vote the video clip of Kamar Gelap which is made by my group on Hai Online
Please vote us. We really appreciate with your attention and participation :)

Thank you.


Alanna Alia Hannantyas

I know it's wrong

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Here is my playlist for today until I-don't-know-when. Geez, I'm so tired of being emo. I hate it. Hope it no longer happens.
  1. Biarlah - Soulvibe
  2. Bukan pacarmu - Bibus
  3. Fuck it - Eamon
  4. Hammers and Hearts - Daphne Loves Derby
  5. Heart of Life - John Mayer
  6. High and Dry - Jamie Cullum
  7. Hopeless Love - Daphne Loves Derby
  8. If You're Not The One - Daniel Bedingfield
  9. Lagu Kesepian - Efek Rumah Kaca
  10. Lloyd, I'm ready to be heartbroken - Camera Obscura
  11. Love Affair - Copeland
  12. Love Me or Leave Me - LEMAR
  13. Love Will Find You - Aditya
  14. Mr. Curiosity - Jason Mraz
  15. Part of My Past - Daphne Loves Derby
  16. Rapuh - Joeniar Arief
  17. Stolen - Dashboard Confessional
  18. Sweetest Goodbye - Maroon 5
  19. There Cannot Be a Close Second - Copeland
  20. Warwick Avenue - Duffy
  21. Who Needs Shelter - Jason Mraz
  22. You and I Both - Jason Mraz

Gloomy september

Monday, 14 September 2009

Too many things happened in September. From good to bad. Very bad. The last is about my lovelife. It went good in the start but very bad in the end. I've been close with someone for several weeks. He was kind and he treated me very well but I paid less attention and too careless with my feeling to him at that time. Until I know he found the new one, the one who pays more attention to him. Now he's already with that girl. HAAAAAA! I'm very jealous. How can I jealous with that girl? Do I love him? eh? yeaaaah maybe it's true. It's too late to realize that, nothing else I can do. eerrm '~'

I think it's good for me even though it hurts so bad
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source: ffffound
*may you happy with your girl :')

Behind The Scene Kamar Gelap-ERK

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

This month my classmate and I have a project to make amateur video clip of Indonesia indie band, Efek Rumah Kaca from their album Kamar Gelap. This project is our cinematography assignment and it belongs to all 11th grade class. Each class divided into 2 groups. I'm in group one. We choose to make video clip of Kamar Gelap (same title with the album title).

Friday, 14th August 2009

It was a time to decorate and photo session with our talent Jasmine Khairiah.


A girl who wears cyan, green, or turquoise t-shirt (oh whatever its color) and black short pants is Andri. She is our creative director. We decorated a bedroom in her grandma's house. The decoration idea mostly came out from her brain.


Sunday, 16 August 2009


Jasmine did make up first with Arum and changed her cloth then we were ready to start shooting

All crew standby, camera rolling, and action!


It started at 11:00 o'clock and finished shooting at 14:00 o'clock.
We took many shots so that the editor has a lot to choose from when they are going to edit the shots. Everything is done and I'm sure that the clip will be good :D


We're a great team. We had a lot of fun and learned new things about cinematography. It's been a pleasure work with you guys, hopefully next time we will go better than this one.

Java Rockin' Land (SATURDAY)

Monday, 10 August 2009

Last Saturday I attended Java Rockin' Land at Carnaval Beach Ancol with Ghea. We watched many performances of local and international band. We were very excited when secondhand serenade were performing. Okay, I'm confusing to tell you with words so let some photos show, explain, and tell our euphoria.

Hope you like it.

Tribute to Legends

Secondhand Serenade

Crowded when Secondhand performed

After watching Secondhand we felt so hungry

I decided unagi to eat

Taken by Ghea

I am Me

Monday, 3 August 2009

Hari Minggu kemarin akhirnya gue ketemu si Tampan Destawan Subagyo yang biasa dipanggil Desta atau yang biasanya gue panggil Desca. Jadi si Desta minggu ini lagi ada di Jakarta ngurusin pameran dia dan kawan-kawannya yang lain, nama pamerannya "I am Me" pameran fotografi & video indie gitu. Tadinya gue setengah hati mau dateng tapi karena gue penasaran pengen liat langsung wujud aslinya si Tampan akhirnya gue ngajak si Fajar buat nemenin gue di sana.

Minta izin dari hari Rabu dan saat itu langsung disetujui sama nyokap gue. Udah seneng aja kan tuh gue. Malem minggu Fajar gue sms trus dia nelpon, nggak ada pulsa katanya. Sepakat janjian di halte busway jam 2 siang. Minggu pagi ada kejadian yang sangat amat di luar dugaan gue, ada hal yang tidak menyeangkan terjadi di rumah. Terpaksa harus mengundur waktu janjian, diundur jadi jam 3 sore.

Gue udah siap mau berangkat, eh bokap gue bilang 'batalin aja kak!'
Hah? BATALIN? nggak salah? 'kan nggak enak sama temen ku udah janji dari kemarin' dan akhirnya bokap mau juga nganterin gue. Maunya minta anterin sampe halte al-azhar aja eh nggak tau nya malah dianter sampe tempat pameran ditungguin pula. ANAK PAPI BANGET NGGAK SIH GUE.

Bolak-balik nelponin Hanna, akhirnya sampe juga di tempat pameran. Ngisi biodata dapet katalog trus naik ke atas. Waktu masuk gue nelpon Hanna lagi nanyain dia di mana, maklum nggak pake kacamata mata gue burem ngeliat keadaan sekitar. Hanna melambaikan tangan dari sofa berwarna merah, dan ku hampiri dia. Dududk di sebelah si Hanna, ngenalin si Fajar

Hanna ngenalin gue ke temen-temennya ada Philo, Canti, dan Tian.

Nggak lama gue ngobrol-ngobrol sama mereka eh tiba-tiba ada yang dateng menghampiri dan itu ternyata yang namanya DESTA yang lagi sibuk mondar-mandir, sibuk angkat ini itu, sibuk nata ini itu, sibuk check ini itu, sibuk ngusirin kita dari sofa, soalnya sofanya mau dipake. wakakak udah kayak apaan tau deh itu si Desta. Tapi tetep aja gue sama yang lain asik-asik ngobrol apalagi si Hanna hahaha, curhat sampe yang lainnya pada kelaperan nungguin dia kelamaan curhat.

Karena pada laper jalan deh kita tanpa arah dan tujuan nyari makanan, sampe akhirnya nemu rumah makan padang. Ok pada makan di situ, gue nggak makan. Di rumah makan padang nyokap gue nelponin melulu hhhh. Nelponnya pake nomer bokap gue lagi, nanyain 'kapan pulang?' tiap beberapa menit sekali nanyanya itu mulu. Intinya nyokap gue nyuruh gue cepet pulang.


Abis makan balik lagi ke pameran. Ternyata pamerannya udah buka, nggak sempet liat pembukaanya. Foto-foto sana-sini abis itu gue disamperin bokap disuruh pulang. haaaaaah nggak seneng banget ngeliat anaknya seneng.


Sunday, 26 July 2009


I like the way you stare
I like the way you smile
I like the way you talk
I like the way you think

Talent: Digga Delany Hillary and Avisenna Radindra
Location: 47 Senior High School

Ghea Gayatri, my 16th years old besty

Friday, 17 July 2009


Sampai Jumpa Lagi

Thursday, 16 July 2009

Hari ini hari keempat gue di SMA Negeri 6 Jakarta. Hmm, iya gue pindah sekolah. Banyak alasan kenapa gue mutusin pindah ke 6. Sedih? Awalnya gue nggak ngerasa sedih sama sekali, gue ngerasa udah mantep banget buat pindah. Gue ngerasa toh nggak bakal ada juga gitu yang sedih kalau gue pindah tapi ternyata gue salah. Senin pagi abis upacara feby telpon gue.

'Alanna, kok lo pindah sih? gue sedih tau ...'

Waktu denger Feby bilang kayak gitu hati gue langsung ngilu.

'Ya abis di sana gitu ...'

Gue jawab seadanya banget, nggak tau mau ngomong apa nggak mungkinlah gue jelasin satu-satu alasan kenapa gue pindah. Sampe hari ini ternyata cukup banyak yang bertanya-tanya sekaligus protes kenapa gue pindah dan nggak pake pamit dulu. ampuuuun sodara-sodari. Surat pernyataan pindah aja belum ditanda tanganin kepsek 47 wekekekek. Jadi statusnya gue masih siswi 47 kok hehehe. Sebenernya toh kita bakal pisah juga cuma gue kecepetan 2 tahun pisah sama lo semua huhuhu.

Hem kalian yang di 47 jangan sombong-sombong ya sama gue, jangan lupain gue yaaaa. Kita masih bisa temenan kan? buat anak FOKUS 47 terusin perjuangan buat ekskul fotografinya, maaf gue nggak bisa banyak bantu kalian selama ini tapi kita masih bisa hunting bareng kok kalau kalian mau.

Love you all 47 2011 <3

Gimme more

Sunday, 12 July 2009


Holiday is over, aaah 2 weeks is not enough yet I want more! Nothing special during this holiday.

Reuni SDI Al-Azhar BSD Angkatan 11

Sunday, 5 July 2009

Hari: Sabtu, 4 Juli 2009
Waktu: 18.00-Selesai
Tempat: D' Cost BSD

Akhirnya bisa ketemu sama temen-temen SD lagi setelah 4 tahun lamanya nggak ketemu satu sama lain. Walaupun nggak semuanya bisa dateng tapi acara kemarin lumayan seruuuu. Mungkin karena acaranya waktu liburan kali yaa banyak yang liburan bareng keluarga jadi banyak (banget) yang nggak bisa dateng. hehehe. Gue tadinya sempet pesimis gitu acara ini nggak bakal sukses, malahan sempet nggak mau dateng. Sabtu pagi gue berubah pikiran. Setelah gue pikir-pikir kapan lagi gue bisa ketemu temen-temen SD kalau bukan di reuni ini? masalahnya kan belum tentu tahun depan ada lagi dan alasan gue waktu itu nggak ikut Jamsis (Jambore Siswa) kan demi acara reuni ini juga, masa sekarang gue nggak ikut dua-duanya?

Sabtu pagi minta izin sama nyokap, untung nya dibolehin. Berangkat jam 6 kurang padahal panitia disuruh ngumpul jam 5 ahuahaha maaf yaa Bianda (ketua panitia). Waktu di tol gue sms Bianda, nanya udah ada berapa yang dateng dan ternyata baru 8 orang padahal udah jam 6. Bayangin dong 1 angkatan itu ada 160 orang dan yang baru dateng waktu itu baru 8 orang. Sungguh terlalu. Jam setengah 7 gue nyampe di D' Cost, untungnya waktu gue dateng udah lumayan rame, se-nggaknya udah lebih dari 8 orang hehe. Dateng-dateng langsung ditagih duit 40 ribu buat bayar reservasi.

Jam 7 kita makan-makaaaan :D


Kezia & Bianda


Jutek amat mbak. huahaha CANDAAA Thi :p

Waktu acara makan-makan banyak yang baru dateng dan gue lupa sama muka-muka mereka yang dateng, banyak yang berubah. Kalau boleh jujur banyak yang ganteng juga (lebih ganteng daripada waktu masih SD) hehehehe. Sambil makan sambil nostalgia, cerita-cerita masa lalu, ketawa-tawa. Hebohlah D' Cost diguncang sama anak-anak alumni albesd hahahaha. Saking hebohnya sampe ada bapak-bapak dari satu keluarga complain, nyuruh kita diem katanya ada bayi lagi tidur. Jeh berasa D' Cost punya dia doang kali ye, orang kita juga bayar malahan mahalan kita bayar kali pak daripada situ. Namanya juga anak muda lagi reunian ya wajarlah kalau berisik, nggak pernah muda si lu pak.

Ini kalau udah pada jadi ibu-ibu kayak apa ya hebohnya?

Adi Wibowo Sanjoyo

Terakhir kita foto-foto di luar, foto-foto yang seangkatan ada di kameranya Thia. Gue balik duluan jam setengah 10 yang lainnya nggak tau deh balik jam berapa. Semoga kalau ada reuni SD lagi yang dateng lebih banyak daripada yang kemarin jadinya lebih seru. Sampai jumpa di lain waktu dan kesempatan.

Saturday, 27 June 2009

Have you ever thought to yourself that you can't always get what you want? hmm I've been thinking about it all day. I didn't get what I want, actually what I really want (call it dream). Regret? Of course but not for a long time, I try to move on. I know what done is done, I can't turn back time and I have no one to blame but myself. Do I still have another chance to choose? If you were me what will you choose? reach your first dream or make a new dream?

Life goes up and down. We don't know what will happen in the future. I just want to be a better person in the future, I really don't want to regret myself and the other people around me (especially my family) anymore. God, please give me a clue to solve this problem.

The Green Photoshoot

Thursday, 25 June 2009

Aduh gue dagdigdug banget nih besok terima raport. Rasanya kayak nungguin hasil pengumuman UN. Penasaran sama takut jadi satu. hahaha lebay banget nggak sih? hmm tapi emang itu yang gue rasain sekarang dan temen-temen gue yang lain juga kayak gitu ngerasainnnya. Daripada hari ini stres mikirin raport jadi tadi gue memutuskan untuk ikut si Feby hunting bareng Gusti. Ini hunting dadakan banget, tadinya hari ini tuh mau makan siang bareng Lele & Feby tapi karena si Lele nggak bisa jadinya rencana itu dibatalkan. Dari semalem si Feby sms ngajakin hunting, hmm gue nya agak males gitu masih capek abis 6 hari nungguin adek di rumah sakit. Lagian mintanya aneh juga sih. Minta foto di gedung SD yang rusak, nyari lokasi kayak gitu di mana coba dalam waktu setengah hari? tapi si Feby tetep ngebujuk-bujuk sampe akhirnya tadi siang dia ngajakin muter-muter jakarta sekalian hunting bareng si Gusti, sebenernya males juga gue nggak ada yang nganter ke rumah dia eh tapi katanya dia sama gusti yang mau nyamperin gue yaudah gue iyain aja itung-itung refreshing. Si Feby sama Gusti nyampe di rumah gue jam 3an, pas banget nyokap gue pulang, sekalian minta izinlah gue. Abis minta izin langsung berangkat. Ujung-ujungnya kita bertiga hunting di BSD huakakakakak. Udah rencana kesana-kemari mentoknya di BSD juga -.-. Mampir ke The Green, lumayan bisa moto 2 jam. Abis dari The Green trus pulang hehehe penting banget yaa ke BSD cuma hunting 2 jam doang abis itu langsung pulang yah namanya juga sekalian refreshing. hihihi. Di jalan heboh foto-foto di dalem mobil.

Kamera sempet dipegang Gusti padahal dia yang nyetir mana waktu itu hampir menuju tikungan, ih ngeri kenapa-napa deh gue. Untung gue selamet sampe rumah. Alhamdulillah.

Sunday, 21 June 2009

My sister's got a dengue fever. Her trombosite decreases day by day. Her temperature goes up and down time by time. I'm worried about her. I wish she can get well soon (amin).

I've been staying at RSPP since last Friday to keep her all day. I've never got a good night's sleep. I always sleep in the morning (difficulty falling asleep) and I must sleep on the sofa. Feel so tired.


Anyway I'm willing to change my blog title. My blog title seems like such a culinary blog hehehe. I don't have any idea, any suggestion?

Monday, 15 June 2009

What is your current obsession? Having a big camera store

What is your weirdest obsession? Having a big brother

What are you wearing today? White t-shirt and short pants

What’s for dinner today? Spaghetti

Why is today special? No school for today

What would you like to learn to do? Drawing

What’s the last thing you bought? Electric Pulse (Rp. 10.000)

What are you listening to right now? Everything is Alright - Motion City Soundtrack

What is your favorite weather? Cloudy

What is your most challenging goal right now? Being a wise person

If you could have a house totally paid for, fully furnished anywhere in the world, where would you like it to be?

What would you like to have in your hands right now? SPK from datascrip

What would you like to get rid of?
My top 10 bad habits

If you could go anywhere in the world for the next hour, where would you go?
New York

Which language do you want to learn? German

What do you look for in a friend? Honesty, A good sense of empathy and humor

Who do you want to meet in person? Yasmin

What’s your favorite type of music? Jazz

What’s the favorite piece of clothing in your own closet? Glow in The Dark T-Shirt

What is your dream job? Director of Photography

Any favorite models? Irina Lazareanu

If you had £100 now what would you spend it on?
New DSLR, Lenses, Sneakers, Clothes, and Books

Do you admire anyone's style? Everyone has their own style

Describe your personal style Casual

Favorite designer? Kate Moss


Desta, Rina, Tada

Thanks to Nadira who gives me this award

Happy 16th Birthday Ulya Yasmin Prisandani

Sunday, 14 June 2009

Happy 16th Birthday to My Dearest Beloved Best Friend Ulya Yasmin Prisandani



Kamera ku sayaaaaang :'(

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Baru aja si Suxi digicam gue yang udah setia nemenin gue selama hampir 3 tahun mengalami kecelakaan tragis. Dia JATUH dari meja belajar gue waktu gue sama adek gue lagi bikin video. Gue kira nggak bakal kenapa napa soalnya emang udah pernah beberapa kali jatuh dari tempat yang cukup tinggi tapi masih sehat-sehat aja. Tapi ternyataaa waktu tadi gue ambil, di LCD nya ada tulisan lense error, restart camera. Lensanya mentok lantai. Gue liat posisi lensanya udah berubah, lensanya bengkok kayak sendok yang dibengkokin gitu :'(
Gue panik sejadi-jadinya body nya mau gue buka tapi takut malah makin parah. Gue takut banget kalau nyokap gue sampe tau kamera rusak gara-gara jatuh waktu gue pake. Bokap gue waktu gue kasih tau responnya sih santai-santai aja. Tapi tetep aja gue takut diomelin nyokap :((
Semoga kalau dibetulin di datascrip nggak mahal-mahal amat yaaa. Gue sayang banget sama kamera itu. Bayangin dong itu kamera udah 3 tahun nemenin gue. Dia yang pertama kali bikin gue cinta banget sama fotografi, dia yang selalu gue bawa-bawa kemanapun gue pergi, dia yang pertama gue pake buat fotoin model. Pokoknya kamera itu berjasa banget buat gue. Sumpah gue nyesek banget waktu tau lensanya rusak, RUSAK TOTAL. DAMN! Mau kamera itu balik lagi kayak beberapa jam yang lalu :'(

Butuh ..... (secepatnya)

Monday, 8 June 2009

From: +62811822xxx
5- Jun - 2009 15:08

Yth ALANNA ALIA, IBU, No: SVA-09-18231, Item: EOS450DL W/LENS 18-55, Biaya: Rp 0, Status: Mesin Selesai, Mohon segera diambil di Jl. Angkasa No. 18BB, Kemayoran, Jak-pus dgn menyertakan spk asli. Thanks, Datascrip.

Akhirnya pacar gue dinyatakan SEMBUH. Aaaah kangen gue sama pacar gue si EOS 450D, udah seminggu masuk datascrip gara-gara jamuran. Hari Jum'at kemarin baru dikabarin kalau kamera udah bisa diambil, tapi dikabarinnya waktu udah jam 3an dan gue baru baca waktu jam 5an, waktu baru bangun tidur. hahaha. Jelas nggak mungkin gue ngambil kamera hari itu juga. Mau ngambil hari Sabtu juga nggak bisa, kebetulan hari Sabtu minggu kemarin datascripnya LIBUR, ah elah ngebetein. Jadinya si pacar baru bisa gue jemput Sabtu minggu ini, kalau hari kerja pada sibuk nggak ada yang mau nganterin. ckckck.

Anyway kalau gue perhatiin di sekolah makin banyak yang pacaran. Tiap nengok ke kanan dan ke kiri adaaaaa aja sepasang lawan jenis berduaan. Nah itu membuat gue (agak) iri dan membuat gue pengen punya pacar. Pacar dalam artian yang sebenarnya, bukan kamera, bukan laptop, bukan NDS, melainkan seorang laki-laki tulen!

Saking pengennya punya pacar sampe gue tulis di plurk

Setahun lebih nggak punya pacar rasanya hidup gue nggak asik. Nggak ada yang bisa diajak keluh kesah, nggak ada yang bisa diajak gila-gilaan, nggak ada yang nemenin nonton bioskop (nggak juga deng), nggak ada yang bisa diajak smsan dari pagi-malem atau mungkin sampe pagi lagi, nggak ada yang nelpon kalau lagi suntuk, nggak ada yang meratiin udah makan apa belum, udah shalat apa belum, udah mandi apa belum (walaupun sebenernya nggak penting juga nanyain yang kayak gitu)

Sekali lagi gue bilang GUE PENGEN PUNYA PACAR! (wets nggak nyantai) tapi gimana ya? dari diri gue juga nggak ada usaha sih. huahahaha. Malahan hampir setahun gue nggak punya gebetan, inceran, cemceman, atau apalah itu namanya. Baru beberapa bulan terakhir aja punya gebetan, tapi itu juga nggak berlangsung lama. hahahaha. Abis susah sih nyari yang sesuai. Gue nggak butuh yang ganteng kok, cukup yang lucu aja, yang sehobi juga. Hehehe.

Gue heran tuh sama temen gue kalau abis putus selang beberapa hari ada aja yang baru, padahal muka juga biasa aja tapi kayaknya yang ngantri banyak bener. Pake ilmu apaan sih biar kayak gitu?

Jadi apa yang harus gue lakukan? Apakah harus menunggu? atau mencari? kalau udah nyari trus udah dapet yang cocok terus gue mesti ngapain? nggak mungkin dooong gue mesti flirting sama tuh cowok (NGGAAAAAK MUNGKIN BANGET).
Yaudah sabar aja Lan, biarkan waktu yang menjawab (jieeee)

Thursday, 4 June 2009

Belakangan ini temen-temen gue banyak yang minta saran sama nanya harga DSLR yang sesuai sama budget mereka ke gue. hihihi. Kebanyakan dari mereka punya budget sekitar 4-6 jutaan, kalau ngeliat harga di pasaran kamera baru yang harganya sekitar segitu yaa Nikon D60 atau nggak Canon EOS 1000D. Kalau budgetnya sekitar 7-8 jutaan beli EOS 450D aja atau nggak Nikon D80. Kamera-kamera itu udah bagus kok buat pemula. Saran gue sebelum lo beli kamera ada bagusnya lo bandingin harga kamera yang lo mau beli di 2 toko kamera yang berbeda (jangan yang 1 management). Kalau lo males pergi ke tokonya, tanya aja lewat telpon. Harga kamera berubahnya cepet banget dan nggak keduga, soalnya kan tergantung kurs dollar. Kalau selisih harganya lumayan (>300 ribu) lo beli di toko yang menawarkan harga paling murah aja. Selisih harga yang ada bisa nambahin buat beli memory card, tas kamera, atau nggak filter. Oh iya kalau udah dapet kamera yang lo mau jangan lupa dirawat baik-baik. Soalnya DSLR kan sensitif banget, setiap mau ganti lensa hati-hati sama sensor yang ada di dalem body DSLR lo, itu bagian yang paling sensitif banget kalau sensor lo kotor bisa-bisa hasil foto lo kayak gini

Gue nggak tau yang putih itu kenapa tapi yang jelas kalau lo naikin kontras nya bakal keliatan ada bintik-bintik hitam di foto itu. Bintik hitam itu gara-gara sensornya kotor (maklum masih pemula megang DSLR hehehe), tapi tenaaaang sensornya bisa dibersihin kok di tempat service kamera, biar aman bersihinnya di service center yang tertera di kartu garansi aja.

Jangan lupa beli blower & lap buat bersihin lensa (mencegah timbulnya jamur pada lensa)
dan kalau nggak dipake lebih baik disimpen di drybox.

Semoga post ini bermanfaat yaaa

It's the end of second semester

Sunday, 31 May 2009

Tomorrow will be the first day of second semester final exam. The exam will be held on Monday, 1 June until Tuesday, 9 June.

Here's the schedule

GOOD! There are just two subjects each day hehehe. I don't wanna do remedial so I have to STUDY HARD as hard as a stone. zzzzzz -___-

Actually I don't like to study geography. As I said before, I have a short term memory. I'm not good in memorize some subjects which have to be memorized. Geography is one of those subjects.

I'll do my best for the best scores in every subject (amien). I want to make my parents happy and proud of me.

W I S H M E L U C K!

What I'm Looking For

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

I'm looking for...

a happiness

My Top 10 Bad Habits

Friday, 22 May 2009

I've got this award from Risya

1. First, make a top 10 list of the bad habits that you dislike.
2. Second, list the reasons why you dislike those bad habits as mentioned in point 1.
3. Thirdly, tagged 10 other bloggers.

Well let's do it


1. Careless.

Yes, I'm so careless. Carelessly to put my valuable things such as handphone, money, camera, and many more hahaha. My mom always angry when I do that.

2. Short term memory.

Hard for me to memorize subjects, lyrics and way to go somewhere although I have visited before. It takes a long time and I need a way to memorize all in a short time but remember it for a long time.

3. I'm losing my feeling easily

I can be very kind to you but I can be so annoying or even I will hate you forever if I think you do something unpleasant to me even though you didn't do that on a purpose.

4. I drink a few water

Oh I really must change this bad habit. Usually I just drink 3-4 glasses of water a day. I'm scared of getting a kidney failure :(

5. Phobia with snake

I think I've been phobia with snake since I was a kid. I disgusted with its skin, its eyes and its tongue. errr. I scream as loud as possible every time I see it on television, magazine, or maybe when the snake in front of me (of course I will scream and ruuuun). I can't sleep after seeing the snake.

6. Insomnia

Lately I just can sleep after 3 a.m and wake up at 5 a.m feel dizzy after that. I can't concentration in class. Ugh I want to sleep normally.

7. I like sleeping in class

Because I have a sleep problem (Insomnia) so sometimes I sleep in class for about 15 minutes until yeah 25 minutes. hehehe

8. Traumatic

Stuck in suck memories and move on is the hardest part to do.

9. A bad speaker

I feel like a robot every time I speak with the others in a conversation (especially when I speak English). Sometimes I forget what the words that I want to say, hmm it goes like this 'Yes sir, the movie is great because emmm the sutradara eh err apa namanya itu hmm oh the director directs it with emm alur cerita yang bagus bahasa inggrisnya apa Pak? yaa that's why I like that movie' oh yes mixed language and mess words -__-

10. Postpone my assignments and homeworks until the deadline

What a lazy student I am, but I think not only me but you have the same habit like this hahaha don't you? I wanna start to try to do all my assignments and homeworks before the deadline and do it by myself. I swear :D

Those 10 bad habits that I have, what about you guys?
I want to know the top 10 bad habits of

Ghea Gayatri
Damayanti Athiah
Dianti Saddono
Rahimah Muslihah
Cile Hadiwiguno
Riztiana Amalia
Irene Tatyana
Hanna Theodora
Yosephine Pheby
Adani Nurimanina

Saturday Afternoon

Sunday, 17 May 2009

Yesterday I went to Old City again. Oh yes I've been there twice this week. hahaha. I had a session with Leander and friends. I wasn't in the mood to take many photos, so after taking some photo Iman, Oddy and I decided to go home earlier than the others. I went home by Oddy's car. Formerly, he wanted to drop me at busway stop, he said my house is too far from his house (he lives in Bekasi). Well, I agreed. On the way to the busway stop he called his mom and I didn't know what did his mom say but he answered like this 'Oh ok Gramedia PIM' and then I yelling 'Dyyyy my house is near from PIM, accompany me to my house. yayayaya?'
he replied 'Aaah you lie' I shook my head 'No, I swear' then he smiled at me and nodded his head 'But I don't know where is your house'. I said 'I'll direct you'

On the way to my house I played with his camera Nikon D90 and fisheye lense on it. I really like the results of his camera (picture above). I want the lens but its price is sooo expensive I'm afraid to ask my dad to buy me this lens.

Finally I arrived at home at 4.35 pm. Thank you very much Oddy :D

Membunuh kepenatan

Friday, 15 May 2009

Minggu ini kan gue libur ya dan selama liburan gue nggak kemana-mana. BT nggak ngapa-ngapain di rumah (nggak inget sama tugas-tugas sekolah)waktu hari Selasa kemarin si Lele ngajakin gue jalan bareng sama si Feby juga. Tadinya mau jalan hari Rabu tapi gue nya nggak bisa, ada acara sama anak-anak 47 . Akhirnya baru terlaksana kemarin hehe. Jalan ke PIM (yayaya, nyari yang deket rumah) berempat gue, Lele, Fira, Feby. Gue nyampe di PIM jam 12 langsung ketemu si Fira di Gramed. Feby gue telpon nggak diangkat, si Lele jam 12 baru berangkat dari rumah (rumahnya di Bekasi). Di gramed ngobrol-ngobrol dulu, abis itu ke foodcourt. Perut gue laper banget, mau nungguin Feby sama si Lele dateng kelamaan. Yaudah akhirnya gue sama Fira makan duluan. Waktu udah selesai makan si Fira nyuruh gue telpon si Lele atau nggak Feby. Waktu gue liat HP ternyata si Lele udah 9 kali nelpon gue, orang hp gue silent nggak dibikin geter pula jadi mau nelpon sampe 100 kali juga nggak bakalan gue angkat Le. haha bego.

Singkat cerita abis makan si Lele telpon gue lagi, gue sama fira disuruh ke 21 PIM 1. Sempet cari-carian tapi akhirnya ketemu, si Feby ngajakin makan. Balik lagi lah ke foodcourt, berhubung perut gue sama Fira udah kenyang dan duit juga tipis jadi yang makan si Lele & Febi aja.

Gaya lo lenje banget Le, huahahaha.

Lo tau apa yang kita lakuin abis mereka berdua makan? HUNTING FOTO! Hahaha emang deh pada nggak bisa liat model nganggur sedikit, modelnya juga nggak bisa liat kamera nganggur. Yaudah deh klop. Kira-kira sejaman motoin Feby dari di foodcourt sampe jembatan busway huahaha. Malu-malu deh tuh diliatin mas-mas sama mbak-mbak yang jagain toko. wakaka.

Jam 4 Feby misah, dia nonton sama cowoknya. Tinggal bertiga bingung mau ngapain eh ada photobox di depan mata yeudin poto-poto deh kite. Di box sempit banget, si Lele makan tempat, nggak sadar diri. Sambil nungguin hasil fotonya kita foto lagi pake kameranya Lele.

Lalu keluar, ngambil fotonya. Hasilnya kayak gini...

Kayaknya photobox nya mesti diganti, hsilnya udah beda sama yang dulu.
Miss focus semua hahaha.

Selesai photobox ngobrol-ngobrol bntar, terus pulang deh.

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