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Tuesday, 25 November 2008

I can't wait until December. Many things will happen in December. yeay. Faiz my good friend will come from Australia to Jakarta. You know what? i've been waiting him for a long time since his movement. he comes back to jakarta for the purpose to spend his holiday. awrite he will stay here for a month maybe until new year. it means i must use my time with him and the other friends (ghea and nanda) as good as possible. i have finished the general test when faiz arrive here on 7th december. so i have a lot of free time to spend with faiz, ghea, and nanco. play, play, and play! not only faiz who will come to jakarta, cause yesterday my father told me that my grandma will come to jakarta with my cousins and my aunt from Yogyakarta. and the last thing is.. i will turned 16 years old on 22nd December. whoa start to make a wishlist from now. haha.

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