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almost watch twilight

Sunday, 30 November 2008

hey folks! have you watched twilight? i almost watch that movie. there are some technical problems.

read it!

2 days ago on MSN.

Melfi: alannaaa, i'm very happy
*alannaaa, gue seneng banget

Alanna: why?

Melfi: i got twilight premiere ticket
*gue dapet tiket premiere nya twilight

Alanna: hah? from where?
*hah? darimana?

Melfi: girlfriend magazine
*majalah girlfriend

Alanna: i want

Melfi: you're late
*telat lo

Melfi: girlfriend magazine has called me and they asked for a telephone number of my friend who will accompany me. they gave me only ten minutes to decided. first name in my mind is you, but i don't have your contact.
*tadi girlfriend udah nelpon gue. mereka minta nomer temen yang mau nemenin gue. nama pertama yang ada dipikiran gue itu nama lo tapi gue nggak punya nomer lo.

Alanna: ooh, so who will accompany you?
*ooh, terus jadinya siapa?

Melfi: my friend in 87 shs
*temen gue yang di 87

Alanna: ooh

after having a conversation with her, i left my phone (MSN still running) on the computer desk because i had a chemistry course.

at 10.00 pm i checked my phone. my phone has turned off, i guess any problem with its battery. i don't know who's leave me a message or greet me on MSN at the last time before my phone suddenly turn off.

yesterday i had a conversation with Melfi on MSN again.

Alanna: how was your day Mel?
*gimana tadi Mel?

Melfi: great. alance, i invited you to watch twilight.
*hebat. alance, gue udah ngajakin lo nonton twilight

Alanna: when?

Melfi: last night on MSN
*smalem di MSN

Alanna: oh my gosh, last night my handphone suddenly turned off. hmm.. what about your friend?
*ya ampun, semalem hp gue tiba-tiba mati. hmm.. temen lo gimana?

Melfi: she couldn't come, i've sent you many nudges too but there was no reply and even you went offline
*batal, lo udah gue nudge berkali-kali juga tapi nggak ada balesan dan lo malah off

Alanna: where did you watch?
*nonton di mana lo?

Melfi: at Sency
*at Sency

Alanna: aah unlucky me.
however i went there today
*aah sialnya gue, padahal tadi gue ke sana

Melfi: lan, i got an original twilight novel which is limited cover. hehe
*lan, gue dapet novel twilight original yang limited cover

Alanna: i waaant
*gue mauuu

Melfi: you're too late
*telat banget lo

do you see what i mean about technical problems?

if there's my number in Melfi's contact or my handphone doesn't turn off maybe it won't be happen.

well, it doesn't matter cause Robert Pattinson won't come to that premiere, right? hehe

maybe i will watch twilight later with Ghea, Faiz or Fira.



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